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London Road Repairs

The speed and durability of Velocity Patching is ideally suited to the challenge of tackling potholes and other defects on the streets of London.

Thanks to our mobile works process disruptive road closures are not necessary and permits are not required, allowing repairs to be completed quickly with minimum inconvenience for road users.

Each machine and crew is capable of carrying out hundreds of repairs per day in just minutes; permanent repairs that are ready for vehicles immediately, with the durability required to withstand the traffic demands of London’s roads.

Fully self-contained, our state-of-the art equipment and operators are highly productive, working throughout the day without the need for trips to depots to reload.

The spray-injection technique pioneered by Velocity permanently repairs potholes, cracking, crazing and edge deterioration.

From residential streets to urgent repairs on high-priority routes such as the Blackwall Tunnel, Velocity are helping boroughs throughout the capital tackle their road maintenance challenge quickly and cost-effectively.

Night doesn't have to mean the end of the day

Emergency pothole repairs

The mobile works process used by Velocity means that road closures are a thing of the past.

For emergency repairs on critical parts of the road network, Velocity Patching offers the perfect solution. Because our machines are completely self-contained, all of the materials and equipment necessary is on the vehicle, ready to be deployed at any time without the need for depot facilities and support.

Throughout the capital, Velocity have experience of working on the most highly trafficked routes where disruption is not an option.

Working at night, we are able to complete repairs in just minutes without the need for closures. Repairs that are ready for traffic immediately and fit to withstand the demands of heavy use.

Roadworks doesn't have to mean road closures

Emergency pothole repairs

It’s not just our process that’s fast; without the need for permits or closures we’re able to get to work as quickly as you need.

Boroughs across London benefit from our responsiveness and flexibility to work in congested areas quickly and safely.

Without the need for excavation, we’re able to work around restrictions such as parked vehicles and street furniture. And because all of the equipment we need is based on one vehicle, there’s no need for parking.

Whether working in residential areas or busy trunk roads, Velocity makes it easy to tackle pothole repairs and other road defects with minimum disruption.

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The experts for pothole repairs

As an integrated part of the toolbox for road maintenance, local authorities throughout the country rely on Velocity to keep their network up to standard. Contact us to find out how we can help you.

Make your budget go further, with better results

Traditional vs Velocity

Traditional Patching

Traditional excavate and fill techniques are expensive, unproductive, disruptive and prone to failure.
£ 0

per repair

Velocity Patching

Velocity delivers permanent repairs with less disruption for road users, at a fraction of the economic and environmental cost.
£ 0

per repair

The best in the business

Quality Assured

Safety and quality are our top priority at Velocity. Every one of our operators has an NVQ in Velocity Patching, an intensive development programme that includes comprehensive safety training as well as the practical elements of the job.

As an active participator in the advancement of industry standards, Velocity contributed to the development of NHSS 13, the sector scheme for innovative patching methods, and BS10949:2019 Spray Injection Patching.

A responsible contractor, Velocity are certified to all of the latest standards, including ISO 9001:2015 (NHSS 13), ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001.

ISO 9001:2015

ISO 14001:2015

ISO 45001

RSTA Member


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