In good hands

Quality & Safety Built-in

Velocity has provided Spray Injection Patching (SIP) services to UK Local Authorities since 1997 and currently operate a fleet of 25 patching machines working across the UK. We have a dedicated and experienced team with an average of 8 years’ experience in this industry.

As an active contributor to industry standards, we take our responsibility towards safety and quality seriously.

The pioneers of spray-injection patching, Velocity contributed to the establishment of NHSS 13, and more recently represented the industry on the committee for the establishment of a new standard, BS 10947:2019 spray injection patching on highways and other paved areas.

Velocity has a large dedicated team focussing solely on managing and maintaining our fleet, focussed on delivering a high-quality product aimed and delivering our customers objectives

We operate a ‘no surprises’ culture and want to keep your informed of our activities. The Velocity team have worked together for many years and, together with our management systems, that experience and knowledge ensures contract objectives are delivered on time and to budget.

ISO 9001:2015

ISO 14001:2015

ISO 45001

RSTA Member


Robust processes for reliable results


Velocity fully complies with the NHSS 13 Specification requirement for the contract management team to hold the RSTA Silver Certificate – Theory and Practice on Spray Injection Patching. It is a key requirement demonstrating a company’s understanding and commitment to delivering high quality works.

RSTA Silver Certificates
The only certificate of competence to show continued CPD and is a mandatory requirement of the following: NHSS13 for Surface Dressing; Spray Injection Patching: Slurry/Micro-surfacing. All RSTA/ADEPT Codes of Practices. These certificates are produced upon the satisfactory completion of the test papers on each of the relevant RSTA courses and are graded according to candidate score.

In addition to the Silver Certificate, Velocity complies with the NHSS 13 Appendix C requirement for relevant Managers to hold the CITB Black and Gold CSCS cards.

All works will be completed in accordance with the following standards:
Stay in the know

Data Capture

All works carried out on the network will be recorded via Velocity’s digital reporting system. Before/after photographs of each repair are recorded along with details about the defect, the precise location, date, time and weather conditions. Based on Microsoft technology, all data is uploaded to the cloud and available in real-time. Customised data capture and reporting is routinely carried out in-line with client requirements.

Digital reporting is embedded in our operations with over 50,000 reports submitted annually, increasing productivity, and providing greater insight for customers. Our operators are also highly experienced in working with clients’ own systems, using their devices.

As well as works reporting, Velocity operates a paperless system for all operational management. Point of Work Risk Assessments and site inductions are carried out and recorded electronically. Near-misses and incidents are also reported, shared, and managed electronically by all our employees.

£ / m2
Repairs Completed
m2 Completed
Near Misses
Carbon Saved
Stay in control

Clear, concise reporting

For each contract, a bespoke contract Quality Plan and Process Map specifies contract deliverables, KPIs and contract reporting responsibilities as per ISO 9001:2015 and NHSS13 requirements. In addition, key performance indicators, communication channels and key roles & responsibilities will be identified. 

This information is presented in a dashboard, which includes detailed statistics on spending, any downtime, repairs completed, square metres completed, materials used and any information regarding near-misses or unsafe situations.

A carbon calculator is also included, demonstrating the carbon saved by using Velocity Patching compared to traditional methods.

The dashboard is unique to each customer, and can be tailored to suit your specific needs and reporting requirements.

Routine inspections

Quality Assured

Quality checks provide a fundamental measurement of performance and enables transparency of product and services. In addition to Quality checks we shall conduct several TAIT (Type Approval Installation Tests) as a requirement of NHSS13.

As well as TAITs, using our reporting system data, one repaired road is selected each week for each machine, with focus on roads with high volumes of repairs laid. Sites are identified by our Operations Manager and assigned to either Supervisors on Managers to complete.